According to an article on Valley News Live, the house has paved the way for recreational use of marijuana in the state of North Dakota.  Hold on, before you start growing, there's plenty of restrictions that go with this.

You'll have to be 21 years of age or older, you'll be restricted to 20 grams every two weeks, and you will be tracked digitally for how much you buy.  At first, the product would be sold at medicinal dispensaries, that have been pre-established, which are opening across the state.  You will also be very limited to where you "blaze up."  You will not be able to light up in public places with this bill.  Having a picnic in the park and want to roll up a doobie?  Nope, not with this bill, it only allows cannabis to be used at home.  Once again, you will not be allowed to grow your own weed at home.  It also can't be used where someone else can inhale it, so you have to be responsible and no toking around your children.

HB 1420 has gone through some big changes over the last few days of the North Dakota legislature, including removing the plant from the Controlled Substances Act.  The vote was fairly close in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana at 56-38.

Again, If 1420 it becomes law, recreational use will remain heavily restricted.  This bill will now have to go through the senate.  I ask you North Dakota is it finally time to legalize this plant?  Seems like the majority of North Dakotans wants this.  Besides the known health benefits of cannabis, it just seems like it's time.

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