Sure, you've probably seen yard signs around Bismarck-Mandan for presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but what about the 'Hillary For Prison' signs?

The above sign was spotted at the corner of Memorial Highway and 46th Avenue SE Tuesday afternoon, May 10th, though we're not entirely sure when it was placed there.

The sign, obviously, references Hillary Clinton's private email scandal, which was brought to light in 2015.

Potential Republican nominees Donald Trump and Ted Cruz both suggested Clinton should face criminal charges for her involvement in the scandal, which saw the then-Secretary of State using private email servers, as opposed to those on federal goverment servers.

The signs, along with a slew of others 'Hillary For Prison' items, including t-shirts, bumper stickers, and koozies, can be purchased at

With both Clinton and Trump projected to be the frontrunners for the presidency, 'Hillary For Prison' most certainly won't be the worst thing you'll see on a yard sign in the coming months.

Have you seen any more of the 'Hillary For Prison' signs around Bismarck-Mandan? Show them to us by commenting below!