Believe it or not, Christmas Eve 2019 has arrived. Tonight, a lot of people will be with their loved ones, eating, drinking, laughing, and being merry. I can't wait to listen to my favorite holiday tunes as my family and I prepare cookies and milk for Santa tonight. What a magical time of year.

That being said, before the magic happens, some of us will be doing some traveling today and the days to follow. Oh, joy. At least I only have a two-hour road trip. As long as I have a good podcast to listen to and I don't get pulled over, my travel should be smooth. But then there's those of you who have to fly.

I read today that there are a couple of holiday rules that TSA will be enforcing. On this particular day, you don't have to only worry about taking off your coat, socks, and boots; removing everything from your pockets, and dumping electronics, snacks, and liquids out of your bag. Did I miss anything? Hopefully you read this before you go through security.

  1. Be careful about having wrapped gifts in your carry-on - U.S. airport officials say that if you travel with gift-wrapped items and the X-ray machine cannot properly see through them, you will have to unwrap the presents so they can be properly inspected.
  2. You might want to leave your fruitcake at home - Passengers are discouraged from bringing fruitcakes in their carry-on bags. This is because you might be harboring a weapon in that dense cake, and some X-ray machines can't see through them. This isn't just a suggestion. Apparently, fruitcakes are BANNED entirely from carry-ons on most commercial flights.

Anyway, safe travels and Merry Christmas. I hope these travel tips are helpful (and maybe a bit laughable) to you. I'll talk to you again after the holiday.


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