Where Does North Dakota Rank?

If  you're wondering how North Dakota's doing on the environmental front, WalltetHub just released a report. The report shows which states are the most environmentally friendly and which are the worst.

WalletHub used several different metrics and ranked all 50 states on a numerical scale, 50 being the worst, and 1 being the very best.

The Bottom 5:

Oh no! It looks like they've ranked North Dakota in the bottom 5!... Take a look and see what other states made this list.

1. West Virginia - worst of the 50 states

2. Louisiana - 2nd worst

3. Mississippi - 3rd

4. Alabama - 4th worst

5. North Dakota - Shockingly, 5th worst

WalletHub looked at a number of things to determine where each state falls. They factored in climate change contributions, environmental quality, and eco-friendly behaviors to make these determinations. So, if you're planning a move to one of these states, you might want to reconsider.

Something Else They Determined...

They also compiled a short list of states with the best and worst air quality. Having great air quality is something us North Dakotans can certainly brag about, as our state comes in at # 4!

States With The Best Air Quality:

1. Wyoming - Overall best

2. Hawaii - 2nd best

3. New Hampshire - 3rd

4. North Dakota - Boo-Yah! We're back in it to win it baby!

5. Vermont - 5th best

States with the worst air quality include California, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona.

Where Are We With Gas Consumption?

Look away! While North Dakota is one of the best states in terms of air quality, we're one of the highest for gasoline consumption. North Dakota is the third highest in the country! Mississippi, Alabama, Delaware, and Wyoming also made this list.

To see the full WalletHub report, click here.

Source: WalletHub

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