Today I spent the best $10.99 I have spent in a while, I downloaded the Justin Timberlake "20/20 Experience"! My favorite song has to be "Don't Hold Up The Wall" it makes you want to dance and be free. You can download it on iTunes now or if you buy it at Target you get 2 bonus tracks.

Here is the full track list-

1)Pusher Love Girl- An ode to a woman being his drug, hypnotic, sexy, instrumentation that combines urban soul and sugar melody. Justin sounds like a man in love.

2) Suit and Tie- Justin and Jay-Z getting clean, grown, sexy, mature. Makes you feel like you should be in a room full of champagne.

3)Don't Hold the Wall- Timberland and Justin reunite for this track that will make you want to shake your butt. It feels like late night creeping through a club where the only thing you need to worry about is "DANCE".JT demands you dance on this record.

4)Strawberry Bubblegum- Sex in a song, its like a cocktail of mellowness mixed with intensity and a feel good vibe. Travel with Justin as he wines and dines you via song.Its romance, seduction, perfect ear candy that taste like "Strawberry Bubblegum".

5)Tunnel Vision- Justin pours all of his attention into the women he loves and this song. The focus is seduction, he's got "Tunnel Vision".

6) Spaceship Coupe- Justin Timberlake takes you on a galactic ride of romance, sensualness, next level beats. Justin Timberlake makes you want to be an alien in his spaceship.

7)That Girl- blues, guitar southern love song. Justin makes love a religion in this song. "So what you are from the other side of the tracks, so what if we don't match".

8)Let the Groove Get In-  Dance floor pop, guaranteed to get you up,moving,shaking. Your body won't deny the pleasure of this beat.

9) Mirrors- The love song that shows Justin is mature in love, commitment, the daily work of growing with someone, keeping promises.

10)Blue Ocean Floor- Love slowed down, buried underneath the "Blue Ocean Floor", tears, inability to hear and connect to a partner. The place of safety is "Blue Ocean Floor", where love cannot disappear.

Bonus Tracks:

*Dress On- Timbaland and JT unite to pay homage to a woman, her body,her style.

*Body Count- JT and Timbaland on the dance floor with horns,samba, another song to get you dancing, feel explosive, like a good night out.