This is the year of the angry voter. We've all seen the political rallies where people are getting shoved, pushed, punched and harassed. Some people are fed up with the current political climate and are demanding change. These voters are tired of life-long politicians and see non politicians as a fresh change for a new and needed start for the country. Here, with the help of Yahoo, we have a list of the states have the angriest voters.

Yahoo looked at the economic base for every state in the country over the last decade to determine the states with the angriest voters within its borders. It came down to this. The states that are not doing well with the economy and have the highest unemployment rate in their home state have the angriest voters. The states that are prospering or have the opposite, normally have the happiest or least angriest voters. You can read more on the methodology  here.

Paula Bronstein/ Getty Images

Here are the states with the angriest voters

  1. New Mexico
  2. Alabama
  3. Rhode Island
  4. Nevada
  5. West Virginia

These states all have unemployment at 5% or higher.

The states with the least angriest voters include North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Iowa and Utah all with the lowest unemployment rate in the country.