This is the time of year where many want to help others or pay it forward. This is the giving season. How does North Dakota rank in terms of giving or being charitable compared to the rest of the country? compiled a list of the most and least charitable states in the US. As a country, we are a giving nation. Think about it, when there is a major disaster any place in the world, USA leads the charge in donations, services and goods to the effected area. We are very charitable.

Here are very interesting facts about you:

  • 95.4 percent of us donate to charities
  • On the average, we are contributing an annual average of $2,974
  • In 2013 alone, we gave in excess of $335 billion
  • Close to 75% of that came directly from individuals like YOU and ME
Tim Boyle/ Getty Images

Wallet Hub analyzed eight key areas including volunteer rate, the percentage of the population who donated time and money, and the median contribution to charity, just to name a few of the categories.

North Dakota ranked 25th in the 2014 survey. Surprised? Our state doesn't even come close in the volunteer category either.

The top charitable states for the year are Utah, South Dakota, Idaho and Kansas (tied for 3rd), Nebraska and Minnesota. The least giving states are Arizona, New Jersey, Kentucky, West Virginia and Nevada.

The complete survey compares party contribution, states with the most volunteered time and more.