When it comes to finances, it can be the subject of despair and distress. Face it, some people are way better than others at handling their personal finances. But on a much larger scale, how are we in North Dakota at handling our personal money?

GO Banking Rates published a list of the 10 best money savvy states and you'll be impressed how North Dakota performs.

To find the most financially savvy states, GOBankingRates collected state data in three categories: use of banking services, strong saving and investing behavior, and strong financial education policies. Each state was scored and ranked based on these three financial health indicators.

In essence, each of our personal banking, financial and saving habits helped mold North Dakotas' score on the list. And we are doing GREAT! Here is the list.

  1. North Dakota
  2. New Hampshire
  3. Utah
  4. Minnesota
  5. Virginia
  6. South Dakota
  7. New Jersey
  8. Idaho
  9. Michigan
  10. Wisconsin

According to GO Banking Rates.com on North Dakota-

North Dakota ranks as the No. 1 most money-savvy state in the U.S. by scoring in the top of all three categories considered in this study. It is the top state for saving and investing due to several factors, like low rates of personal bankruptcy (0.86 per 1,000) and debt delinquency (24.2 percent), as well as a higher-than-average number of households with emergency funds (46 percent).

North Dakota also scores better than average in the use of banking services, with fewer underbanked households (22.8 percent) than most states and a higher portion of households with a savings account (74.7 percent). North Dakota's financial education measures also beat out most other states by requiring high school students to complete both an economics course and a personal finance course.

The smart saving and investing behaviors of North Dakotans along with their use of banking services and strong financial education standards make it the state with the nation's most money-savvy residents.

For the worst states, click here.