I have a riddle for you…

What’s the one thing you need but always give away?

Can you guess it?

Of course, I’m talking about money! Or maybe you refer to it as Cheese, or … Lettuce, Folding Stuff, Benjamins, Bread, or even Moola.

For those of us who live paycheck to paycheck, as soon as you get it, it’s gone. While that might ring true for many of us, being considered ‘wealthy’ in North Dakota might be easier than you think.

If we’re being philosophical…

They say true wealth isn’t material; it comes from within. But let’s be real, money rules the world --or, at least, the people that have it do. So, how much does it take to ‘rule’ North Dakota?

Crunching the numbers…

According to gobankingrates.com, you need to make between $203,000 and $464,000 to be considered ‘rich.’ That puts you in the top 5 percent of earners in the state. But… what about the top 1 percent? If you want to be considered mega-rich in North Dakota, you have to make, at the lowest, $250,000 and, at the higher end of the scale, $1,173,821.

In the grand scheme of things…

North Dakota’s threshold isn’t that bad if you look at other states. California and Texas put the top 5 percent as high as $758,000 a year. That makes some of the other states look like starving peasants!

*Insert obligatory Marie Antionette reference* - Just kidding, I won’t.

The bigger picture…

If you want to be considered high society by the country’s standards, you would need to earn $591,187 a year.

One more thing:

If you’ve read this post and realized you, in fact, are a fat-cat, try to keep that on the low. However, if you can’t contain yourself, I’d be on the lookout for large crowds chanting “Vive la Republique.”

Dang, I promised I wouldn’t do the thing. Oh well!


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