If you are in North Dakota and you want to celebrate 'National Sunglasses Day,' (June 27) you can do so by wearing sunglasses. But you can also remember 'Cool Cow.'

Back in the mid 1990s a company called 'Milk Made Inc' was trying to create a national brand of healthy milk. This was kind of unheard of at the time.

'Cool Cow' first began appearing in North Dakota in 1993 and expanded from there. People did not believe that 'Cool Cow' could become a national brand.

"Why wouldn't the next dairy down the street do the same thing and call it Holy Cow?" asked Jeff Manning, executive director of the California Milk Processor Board in a 1995 New York Times article ($).

But 'Cool Cow' did expand to the Northeast and they ran some unusually quirky commercials to try to get the brand out there. You can see one of those commercials above.

It's unclear what happened to Milk Made and Cool Cow. There's very little information on the internet about the history of milk brands. But it is possible the brand 'Crystal' now owns Cool Cow since they carry milk with that name in a similar magenta color to the original.

But you are probably wondering what the history of a random low-fat brand of milk that began in North Dakota has to do with National Sunglasses Day.

Look at the logo. It's a cow with sunglasses! Nothing screams 'North Dakota Summer' more than a cow with sunglasses.

Here's to remembering 'Cool Cow.' North Dakota's favorite former low-fat milk brand.

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