Congratulations to the winners of the 59th annual Know Your State Contest. The winners were announced this week.

The statewide contest for high school juniors and seniors was co-sponsored by the North Dakota Masonic Foundation and Bismarck State College and was held April 27 on the Bismarck State College campus.

Alex Wittenberg of Valley City High School and Dylan Moser of Devils Lake High School both earned a $1,000 cash prize and a plaque as 1st place winners of  the annual contest.

Second place winners, Jessica Vandal and Kelsey Becker both of Jamestown High School, each received a $750 cash prize and a plaque. Third place winners Paige Amann of Trinity High School and Oscar Weber of Jamestown High School earned a $500 prize and a plaque. Melaree Sondrol of Turtle Lake-Mercer Public School and Julianna Wolff of Wishek Public School took fourth place earning a $200 prize and a plaque.

So this got us thinking. How well would our high school student and staff videographer Scott Mann do answering some of these questions. After all, Scott is a pretty darn smart kid.

Here is a sample of the questions and answers with Video Contributor Scott Mann.

Try your luck, we got our hands on a few of the questions.

In 1916, the winning candidate for Governor was from the above political movement.  From Hoople, North Dakota, he was reelected as governor in 1918 and 1920, but was recalled from that office in 1921.  He would later become a senator in 1922.

a. William Lemke

b. Arthur C. Townley

*c. Lynn Frazier

d. William Langer

e. Gerald Nye

In the State Legislature of 1919 (which was called the Farmers Legislature) several NPL policies were passed, including the creation of the ____________.  It was created to manage and operate all the state owned industries and was composed of the Governor, Attorney General, and Commissioner of Agriculture and Labor.

*a. Industrial Commission

b. Consumers united States Company

c. Red Flame

d. Independent Voters Association

e. Nonpartisan Leader

How well did you do?

Congratulations to all the winners!