North Dakota falls near the very bottom of this particular at 48th in the U.S. for strength of animal protection laws, which is unfortunately terribly unfavorable.

The HSUS' rankings are given based on companion animals, animal fighting, animal cruelty, egregious wildlife abuses, fur trappings, and more.

North Dakota has been near the bottom of this list for the past few years. However, state officials believe they've taken steps to remedy that situation in recent years, such as making animal cruelty in the state a felony.

State officials agree that once the people of North Dakota change the way they look at animal abuse, the sooner the state can move up in the rankings as a whole.

Finishing below North Dakota in the rankings were South Dakota and Idaho.

At the other end of the spectrum, California took the top spot, followed by Oregon and Massachusetts. This was thanks in part to legislative passed by those states banning the captive breeding of orcas and also the use of bullhooks on elephants.

Source: WDAYHumane Society

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