I'm actually rather embarrassed to admit this.  I may be the only Bismarck Mandan area person who's NEVER been to Raging Rivers Waterpark.  The very popular waterpark is getting ready to open for the season one week from Thursday on June 3rd.  Hours of operation will be 12 noon to 7 pm (at least to begin with).

Although I'm not a big pool person (I can't swim), I do love thrills and roller coasters.  Some of those slides look pretty sick.  I've been admiring them from Expressway, on my way to work each and everyday.  I'm not much of a swimmer, I could probably doggy paddle myself to safety, if I fell out of a boat close enough to shore.  Maybe?  However, who doesn't love a dip into a swimming pool on a hot summer day?

Pretty sure I'll have to make it a point to finally check it out this year.  Raging Rivers Waterpark is located at 2600 46th Avenue southeast Mandan, North Dakota.  58554.  A quick glance at their Facebook page, and I see they have a few promotions coming up.  Including a "Father's Day Event", "Longest Day of the Year", "McQuades Event", and "Independence Day".

Season passes can be purchased prior to the start of the season and are available to purchase online HERE!

Here's a little sample of all the summertime fun at Ragging Rivers Waterpark.  Just in case you're like me, and have never been?  Kind of reminds me of the waterpark on the movie "Grown Ups?!"



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