This story unfolds in a few different ways

A co-worker sent me this video last night, and I immediately felt empathy. It is just over 8 minutes long, and a tad blurry, but one thing is crystal clear - this person is going through it big-time. Owning and running your business takes a toll, and when you put your whole life into it. STAYING open to the public these days seem to be the trend almost all around the country, especially here in Bismarck and Mandan.

Brian Beard owns B & H Daylight Donuts at 820 43rd Ave Ne Suite 100

There is no such thing in his world as giving it only 55%, no way, Brian has invested 100% of his heart and soul into, as one of his employees said, "The American Dream". Unfortunately business has been slow lately, and in an attempt to be honest with his customers, he went on the B&H Daylight Donuts Facebook page with this sincere video:

"Hello all, sorry for the low quality, my phone isn't the best but please hear what I have to say. Take care all"

Once again, I felt his pain throughout the whole video, and in typical Bismack/Mandan fashion so did a ton of other people...check out what happened this morning:

B&H Daylight Donuts

"We are overwhelmed by the love and support. It was not easy to make this video, or ask for help. We are a husband and wife team that moved here almost 3 years ago to be near our family. We always dreamed of having our own business. We absolutely love what we do, we love our amazing staff, the community and above all our awesome customers! We have worked with a marketing agency, been on the radio and covered by the news in the past. We want more than anything to keep our business alive and thriving. We're not ready to give up. We are giving it everything we have; physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. We are just a local, independent and Veteran owned donut shop that wants to continue to serve our community. Thank you, we appreciate you all so, so much!"

There is a gofundme page... can click on - Help Save Daylight Donuts. Once again this was another textbook example of Bismarck and Mandan's residents pitching in to help out a neighbor.

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