Last year, 'The Daily Meal,' a popular food publication has picked out the 'Best Bar in Every State.' The bar that earned that title in North Dakota is the exact same one this year.

Grand Forks is where the 'Best Bar in North Dakota' is, and it's called 'The Parrot's Cay.' This is the second year in a row The Parrot's Cay has claimed such a distinction. This also means that it's time for all other bars in North Dakota to step up their game.

That being said, the bar is known for being a great hang out spot, with a highly accommodating and friendly staff. Another reason why the bar is known as such a local favorite in Grand Forks is because of its wings.

The spiciness of their wing sauce is said to range from a level-3 to a level-15 (level-13 is where one may start to perspire). The Parrot's Cay also serves up a 'famous wing challenge.' The challenge requires participants to eat wings of seven different levels of spiciness. These particular wings do not exist on the regular menu and need to eaten wearing gloves, due to the high level of spiciness.

After going through that, you'll then get an opportunity to win a t-shirt and $100 gift card.

An opportunity? All that and you leave it up to chance? And this is the best bar in North Dakota? C'mon, North Dakota bars, get your act together!

**Disclaimer**: Pardon my Jerry Seinfeld-esque rant, typically if you're any bar in North Dakota, I love you.

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