It's Ready!

After 12 months, the construction of Bismarck's Dream Center is done. The Dream Center is a place for the community. Low-income families, senior citizens and anyone else who may need its resources and services are welcome inside.

I spoke to Jim Barnhardt, the founder of the Dream Center, he says everyone needs to eat.

"Using food as the centerpiece, we will build free programs around Adopt-a-Block Food Distribution and The Banquet. The free programs offered will enhance the lives of those we serve, taking them to a better place in life. Better lives build a better community," said Barnhardt.

The Banquet held its first community meal event from the Dream Center last week.

Doreen Quist
Adopt-a-Block serving the local community. Provided by: Doreen Quist

A Vision & Community Effort:

Jim Barnhardt, the Founder of the Dream Center, says this is a project he's become passionate about through his wife, Cindy. Barnhardt. He also says he is grateful for all of the people who help make this work.

"We don't rely on government funding, but rather, on community donations and volunteers to get the job done. Dream Center Bismarck and its partners will focus on positively impacting the lives of the low-income and struggling families of our community," said Barnhardt.

All services provided by the Dream Center are free.

Doreen Quist
Cindy Barnhardt (left), Karla Eisenbeisz, Banquet Director (middle), Jim Barnhardt, founder of Adopt-a-Block and Dream Center. Provided by: Doreen Quist

Come & See:

Now that the 3.1-million-dollar project is complete, Cindy and Jim Barnhardt invite the community to come take a tour. The Dream Center is holding an Open House on Sunday, April 24th from 3 to 6pm.

There will be hotdogs, burgers, chips, cookies, and beverages provided to anyone who wishes to attend. You can roam and explore the building as they explain what each area will be used for.

What's In The Dream Center?

And on that... there are, indeed, many things inside the facility! There's a serving area for "The Banquet," a food pantry, coffee bar, event center, chapel, warehouse, conference room, and even a bit of office space for the non-profit to use. -- It's a pretty large facility; 24,000 sq feet, to be exact.

Doreen Quist
Trinity Hall where the Banquet will be serving 7 days a week. Provided by: Doreen Quist

Next Steps:

The Dream Center is currently working to bring more programs to the facility. Those behind the project want to offer as much as they can. And, they are accepting donations to help get some of those programs off the ground.

While the Dream Center is a place for the community to come and have a meal, it's so much more than that. Barnhardt tells me they have a motto, or a mission, really: "Find a need and fill it."



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