Even in 2020, people are still falling victim to internet scams. I get it, it is not always easy to spot when you are being duped, but it's important to keep your suspicions high when dealing with a sketchy email. Like, NO, you shouldn't just be sending money/ giving out every detail of personal information when contacted by a company.

There is a report about an online scam that's currently happening in Minot. KFYR-TV is reporting that the Minot Police Department is warning area residents about a reoccurring computer virus scam. The story says that scammers will appear to be from places like Microsoft. The "Microsoft" (and other) scammers ask people to call them in regards to a virus on the person's computer, according to the report. KFYR-TV says that the scammer will ask for something like personal bank information or even for prepaid gift card codes. Get the full story on the reoccurring internet scam happening in Minot here.

It is so important not to blindly trust information like this. If you're not careful, you could lose so much - money, identity, etc. There are some hacks to knowing if an email is fake. Things like misspelling, low-quality images, not referring to you by name, asking for account numbers, and links with mismatched URLs are all reasons for suspicion. Basically, if the email feels sketchy, it probably is. Delete shady stuff to avoid the risk of being hacked.

What do you look for to see if an email is legitimate or just a scam?

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