Our favorite Iowa sports reporter is back, and this time he's calling NDSU's complete destruction over Iowa State nothing more than 'a lucky win'.

Andy Fales, a reporter out of Des Moines, Iowa, riled up the NDSU faithful last week when he took aim at both the school and the entire state of North Dakota. On the heels of the Cyclones' 34-14 dismantling courtesy of the Bison, we expected Fales to show a little humility. However, as you'll see in the video above, he displays anything but, claiming that "if that game went 3 more quarters, Iowa State would have won."

Here's basically how Fales explains the NDSU beatdown:

Everybody knows, it's a game of inches. If John Crockett's legs are 6 inches shorter, there's no way he rips off that 80-yard touchdown run, or at least the Cyclones catch him short of the endzone. It's a game of chance. And if by chance Allen Lazard is missing the fingers on his right hand, he can't tip that pass up in the air to be intercepted. And sometimes, you know, the blind squirrel just finds the nut. And if a blind squirrel would have happened to run out on the field during Chase Morlock's 66-yard touchdown run, maybe he trips over the squirrel and falls down.

Let's just cut to the chase - this video, like its predecessor, is clearly meant as a joke, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining. Let's just hope some reporter out of Weber State takes a cue from Fales this week, because the extra motivation clearly doesn't hurt.

[SOURCE: WHO TV Channel 13 News]