One Iowa sportscaster is doing his best to fire up the NDSU fanbase - and based on this video, he probably won't disappoint.

Andy Fales, a reporter from WHO TV out of Des Moines, Iowa has a bone to pick with not only the NDSU football team, but North Dakota in general, in advance of the Bison's week one matchup with Iowa State in Ames, Iowa.

For nearly 3 minutes, he questions the team's legitimacy (FCS vs. FBS), takes aim at the culture of North Dakota, and makes light of the school's reputation as one of the best traveled teams in all of college sports, because, "they live in North Dakota, of course they're eager to hit the road."

Some of our favorite slights aimed North Dakota and the Bison:

  • "[NDSU is] a team that no one cares about"
  • "Iowa State scheduled this game to get an easy win"
  • "We're better than them on every front."
  • "It's the most forgettable state in the country."

Hey, at least he pronounced 'Bison' correctly.

And yes, we realize this is all tongue-in-cheek, but we doubt that will make this any less likely to supercharge the NDSU faithful - just ask the K-State MASK.

[SOURCE: WHO TV Channel 13 News]