If you have any friends that are making a last minute trip to Ireland today, you might want to plan an intervention.

In a legal decision by an Irish High Court today, more than 100 otherwise illegal drugs are legal to possess and use. Included in the now legalized drugs are ecstasy, ketamine, crystal meth, magic mushrooms and other popular party drugs. Marijuana, cocaine, and heroin are all still illegal, as the fell under a different part of the law still held as constitutional.

The Irish legislature is meeting today in an emergency session to enact laws to once again make those drugs illegal. While the new laws are expected to pass quickly, the quickest a law can come into effect is midnight the day after it is signed.

That means until Midnight Wednesday night (3/11) all of the drugs that were covered by the now unconstitutional law have become legal to possess and use in the country until the new law comes into effect.

So anyone you see leaving for Ireland last minute today... you now know why!

It's almost like 'The Purge'... except way less murder... and hiding...