I am confused about the "Pandemic Mitigation Strategy." This week, it went into effect in Bismarck, so I have made double-sure to wear my mask in public. But I see people still not wearing masks and establishments are not enforcing their posted mask rules. I seriously am baffled about this.

Do people not realize that the "Pandemic Mitigation Strategy" went into effect for Bismarck back on November first? Or do some people of Bismarck really just not care that we are being told to wear masks? What is the point of this unenforced mask mitigation strategy?

The "Pandemic Mitigation Strategy" in Bismarck may not be an actual mask mandate, but we are supposed to be wearing masks inside any building these days. Businesses are supposed to require and enforce mask rules and patrons can be charged with trespassing if comply. You can read all about that here.

So mask compliance and enforcement are still not huge in Bismarck. There are STILL people in our community who do not mask up. And they confidently walk into stores, not wearing masks. Why are people still being so defiant about this issue?

Let me be clear, I do not like wearing masks and I definitely don't want a mandate. However, I am not blatantly walking past store signs that say "MASK REQUIRED TO SHOP." I am just trying to do my part in keeping North Dakota up and running.

I do not want to wear a mask, but it is not infringing on any rights of yours to wear one in a store. You can still shop and buy whatever you want.

People are standing their ground and not listening to local leaders on masks. I really hope the governor doesn't get fed up and decide to impose mandates and/or shut North Dakota down because of noncompliance.

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