Very rarely do I wish I had the freedom to pee out in the open, but I was curious; is it illegal to pee outside in Bismarck?

It doesn't take much more than common sense to answer this question, but what is the actual rule?

You might think peeing in public would be considered "Indecent exposure," but you would be wrong. It's only when a person has intent to arouse/receive sexual gratification where that would be the case.

To be clear, public urination is illegal in every state, but according to, the crime/charges vary within each state.

There are also county codes and city ordinances to consider.


Bismarck's Century Code

According to Century Code 6-05-02, urinating in public is considered " Indecent conduct," and is an "Offense against the public order."

The ordinance states that a person is guilty of a violation if they,

"Urinate or defecate in a public place other than a restroom or bathroom designated for his or her sex, where he or she is visible by the general public."

I know what you're thinking: "What if I'm driving, no one is around and I really have to go? Technically you're in a public place, but you're also out of the public eye. Hmm...

Obviously, if you defecate on someone's property, in a public street or on a sidewalk, that is a no-no. What about side streets where no one is around?

To that, all I can say is if it is an absolute emergency and you're being respectful and aware of your surroundings/environment, do what you have to do, but use extreme caution; you could get in trouble.

I hope this has satisfied your curiosity.


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