Cosmetologist, here - who is on board with North Dakota salons being allowed to open on Friday? I'm not sure how comfortable I am with this happening. I get it, we miss the cash flow and our favorite clients, but I don't know how "North Dakota Smart" this is.

In today's Coronavirus press conference, North Dakota Commerce Commissioner Michelle Kommer talked post-Coronavirus changes to businesses. She said North Dakota Smart Restart protocols will be in place " so that we may gradually achieve a new normal." Places with new protocols include salons, spas, fitness centers, bars, restaurants, etc.

When Kommer talked about protocol for salons, I cringed. She said that salons with reception areas will need to adjust to ensure social distancing. Customers may now have to wait in their vehicles for their appointments so the prior customer can leave and the salon can be properly cleaned. I can't see this going over well, it's madness.

Unless you're working entirely on your own, salons don't operate one-by-one. I have always worked in high-traffic, high-energy, fast-paced salons. When I did hair, eight or fewer girls would do well over 100 cuts and other services every single day. If you work in that environment, you love a challenge and you love to make money. How is a stylist supposed to make money if customers are let in one-by-one?

There are other things I'm concerned about, too. Cosmetologists are in their customer's personal bubbles, for minutes to hours - it is impossible to keep any type of distance. Will wedding parties no longer be a thing? If you have eight stylists in a salon, can you have eight customers in there, too? Can you not go with your girls for mani/pedis? How do you manage communication with your customer if you're running behind and they're out in their car? Exactly how much cleaning will need to be done between each client (hair goes everywhere)?

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Don't get me wrong, I love my hairstylist and I need a haircut so badly (I won't cut my own). But there is a chance Coronavirus could strike again with a vengeance. In my opinion, vanity can wait.


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