With a name like Scott McGowan you'd think I'd go nuts for St. Patrick's Day.

Maybe it is because the Irish in me doesn't cotton to people telling me where and when I should drink whisky and beer. There needs to be a holiday for that?  Plus, for the love of St. Patty, keep your green dye OUT of my beer!  It's a good thing one of my favorite brews is Guinness Stout you can't change the color of a beer that dark.

Guinness Stout
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I've always been a fan of what we once called "import beers".  Decades before the craft beer craze, you had to look pretty hard for a beer that had more bite than Bud Light. We had a few places in Minot where you could walk on the wild side. The Vinyard bottle shop had a big cooler packed with single bottles from all over the world and they were just a buck a bottle!  As a college student, my idea of decor was displaying my global bottle collection. Yup, big man on campus.

Take a trip "Around The World" drink ten beers for just ten bucks!

Minot had a hole-in-the-wall beer bar that would have import beer nights on Tuesdays.  Me and my brew-crew would settle in for a trip Around The World.  For just ten dollars you got a "passport" to drink ten beers from ten countries. That's a buncha beer, especially since the trip ended with a big old 25 ounce Fosters beer. (burp)

Is Guinness is best served at room temperature?

The internet tells me no.  When I used to walk into that bar, the beer tender would always pull a couple of pints out of the cooler to let them warm up. I'm sure they never had the time to get there. So let's get around to discussing the price of a pint of Guinness all across the country on this St. Patty's Day! Credit Financebuzz.com.

California and Nevada by far charge the most per Guinness pint

The nationwide average price per pint is $6.70.  At a whopping $8.55 per pint California doesn't even come close!  Nevada is only a penny lower per pint.  The cheapest pint price in the country comes from our neighboring state Montana at a very reasonable $5.00 a pint.  Them is Busch Light prices!   North Dakota is a little below the national average of $6.70 per pint.  The Peace Garden State can expect to pony up $6.45 per Guinness pint this St. Patrick's Day.

May the road rise up to meet you!

and may someone take your keys if you're heading Around The World.

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