Harley Davidson, The American made motorcycle that many people swear by. Bike Night at Hooter's every Wednesday night is full of every type of Harley imaginable. But, is a Harley still a Harley if it's quiet?

Rahman Roslan/Getty Images

Let me introduce you to the new Harley Davidson Motorcycle that is electric and is very quiet but to the surprise of many, very fast! This bike is not for sale yet, but it will be introduced around the world over the next two years and you can bet, they'll have a few to show off at Sturgis this year.

According to ABC News, a spokesperson for HD said " this electric Harley is nimble, agile and light". By the way, some say it sounds like a jet and it can do 0-60 MPH is about 4 seconds!

HD is calling this LIVEWIRE and it's first introduction to the US market will be in New York City next week, then making a 30 city tour. ZOOM-ZOOM!

What do you think? Is a Harley and Harley even if it's quiet?

(source ABC News)