The world was shocked when supermodel Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom called it quits on their marriage, but it looks like they may not be totally dunzo after all.

The couple announced their separation last month, with sources revealing, "It was a long time coming." Still, the pair remained incredibly amicable, even still sharing a home with their son, Flynn.

TMZ cameras caught up with the stunning Kerr at the airport and asked what was up with the split. "We love each other as family forever," Kerr said in her adorable Aussie accent. When asked if she coped with the breakup using food or a girls' night out, she giggled, "That's silly."

Photographers kept pressing Kerr, asking if there's no chance at a reconciliation with Bloom. "I never said that," she laughed. "I said we'll always be family, we'll always love each other and support one another."

Gentlemen, don't start lining up at her door just yet -- it sounds like she and Bloom may, in fact, be trying to work it out ... eventually.