In what could be the least likely place you'd ever find a kangaroo, one resident of Hatton, North Dakota claims there is one on the loose in her town.

Gloria Wippler actually owns the only kangaroo registered with the state of North Dakota's Board of Animal Health and she seems to think there's another roaming around the streets of Hatton.

According to KFGO, Wippler has attempted to use her pet kangaroo, Leo, to wrangle the stray. She claims that she's found tail swirls and footprints belonging to the wayward 'roo. She also claims she's heard sounds from the kangaroo in the area.

For what it's worth, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department says that they haven't received any reports of a kangaroo in Hatton.

Meanwhile, Deputy State Veterinarian Beth Fuller says that her office has received calls about a kangaroo being spotted. She says they will investigate the claims, but they're not currently under the belief that a kangaroo is actually loose in the area.

What do you think? Could this kangaroo be the North Dakota equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot?