It's officially Girl Scout cookie season, and this and now through March 1st, it's National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend. We all have our favorite sinfully delicious Girl Scout cookies. Check below to see which flavors I'll be spending my hard-earned dollars on this cookie season.

  • CARAMEL DELITES - Usually, the only coconut flavor I like comes in a perfume bottle. But the Girl Scouts know how to make coconut taste delicious. These ooey-gooey cookies have a chocolate bottom and are topped with more chocolate, caramel, and coconut. They tend to make your fingers sticky, but they're irresistible.
  • THIN MINTS - It's impossible to go wrong with a good chocolate-mint combo. These cookies are thin, crisp, and minty-fresh. The best way to enjoy Thin Mints is to freeze them before eating. Trust me, you'll love frozen Thin Mints.
  • PEANUT BUTTER PATTIES - I don't even really like peanut butter, but I can't resist Peanut Butter Patties. Seriously, I could eat a whole box in one sitting (I haven't, but I totes could). The cookies are coated in a thin layer of chocolate and filled with peanut butter. Simple and delectable.

The Girl Scouts have also released a new cookie flavor - Lemon-Ups. I haven't tried them yet, but I'm sure the new flavor will not disappoint Girl Scout cookie fans. What is YOUR favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor?

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