The Chmielewski's have decided that their 2017 light display would be their last.

The family who has been putting on the light show for over a decade said on Christmas Day that neighbor complaints could put the future of the show in jeopardy.

We spoke to one of the neighbors who told us she was frustrated with individuals who came out to the light show and would block her driveway preventing her from getting in and out of her home. Additionally she says having company in December is not possible.

The neighbor we spoke to was not the neighbor who called police sparking a conversation between the Chmielewski's and law enforcement.

On Friday, AJ Chmielewski told us the family would decide the fate of their light show over the New Year's Weekend.

On Friday night, the Chmielewski's on their Facebook page posted a 306 word post thanking those who have supported their light show and came out to view it over the years. They also thanked their neighbors for being supportive.

But the post also stated that the family decided that this would be their last year. They also reiterated, like they did to us Friday afternoon, that having the light show in another location is not doable for them.

Additionally the Chmielewski's stated they have no plans to move themselves.

A great tradition is indeed coming to an end.

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