How Does a Popular Montana Casserole Not Have Beef?

Is the casserole dish really that bad?  I mean, I know that when it comes to the holidays, we are inundated with green bean flavors for these, and many times they are a sort of catch all for a few leftovers that can all be thrown into a pan for an easy meal.


Over the years, I have come to maybe appreciate the thought that went into making these meals.  Having a parent be able to whip something up out of nothing, throwing it in the oven to have it come out as something delicious.  Kind of like a Christmas miracle, right?

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It Doesn't Have to Be Just a Holiday Type Meal to Enjoy

Somewhere along the timeline of food being created, casseroles were relegated to the holidays and unfortunately to times of despair.  Come on, how many times over the years have you heard your mom say something like:

Suzy and Jim just lost a loved one.  I am putting a casserole in the oven to take over to them later on today.


Poor casserole.

But there are many other ways to enjoy this beloved meal.  Although, one of the most popular in a new article isn't really what I thought it would be coming from Montana.

One of my favorite places to cruise for new food recipes is at Taste of Home.  I manage to find some great meals for my wife and I with a quick peruse of the stuff that I love to eat.  But they also come up with some other great meals that I find I want to try.


Did you know that the best casserole dish in Montana doesn't have beef in it?  Strange, but you may find yourself yearning for this one.  The other great thing?  It's actually from someone in Montana!

Rochelle Brownlee of Big Timber submitted the Four Cheese Chicken Fettucine Casserole recipe, and it looks absolutely divine!  According to her:

As a cattle rancher, my husband's a big fan of beef. For him to comment on a poultry dish is rare. But he always tells me, "I love this casserole!" I first tasted it at a potluck; now, I fix it for my family (we have a 3-year-old daughter) once or twice a month, and I'm asked to take it to most every get-together.

Want to give it a try in your home for the next big meal?  Check out the recipe here!

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