Can you imagine being young again? You got the whole summer off... bask in those long warm summer days/nights. I'm just going to come out and say it - "What a perfect place to work" - am I wrong? The short descriptions I just gave out could probably mean I'm talking about working for the Bismarck Larks or maybe at the Dakota Zoo, After all, those two are outdoor jobs, and so is this one...however, I think "Heaven on Earth", says it all about the Super Slide Amusement Park.

Counting the days until May

For now, all the hustle and bustle inside this awesome place over at Sertoma Park - 500 Riverside Park Rd - in Bismarck -is preparation for opening day - May 4th. Check out what they have done JUST for you and your kids -

Super Slide Amusement Park Facebook
Super Slide Amusement Park Facebook
"Choo Choo! We've got something new!
Check out our all new Animal Train! With 14 seats, steering wheels, songs and more, this train is ready to leave the station on May 4th!"
That's what they posted on their Facebook page just a couple of days ago. Returning to what I mentioned earlier in this article, I can't imagine a more positive and FUN place to work. Just last week Super Slide Amusement Park let it be known that you can go on their website and fill out a job application.

Here is a true labor of scraping, sanding, grinding, sweeping, priming...

...and LOVE!

So I will end with this....get ready to see a ton of happy people with HUGE smiles this summer.


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