Look at that string of emojis up there -- could you figure out what news story that describes? What about if you had to do it in front of a live audience, and also millions of people watching at home? More importantly, do you know what the brain emoji is used for? If not, you may be in for a bit of a surprise, just like poor Max from Novi, Michigan, on last night's Late Late Show With James Corden...

Jimmy Fallon had Chris Rock on to listen to some tracks on the Do Not Play List, which Fallon promises consists of actual musicians whose music is for sale. Things get started with a band called Kill the Noise, whose album cover looks like, in Rock's words, "a dolphin sipping Sizzurp," which pretty much describes the music itself. Watch further for bizarre sounds from reggae artist Guinney Pepper ("Lick the Chalice"), Gloria Balsam ("Fluffy") and more.

Seth Meyers took a trip down Memory Lane with a Back in My Day segment, focusing on that United Airlines passenger who was violently removed from a flight, Uber's flying car project, proper Venmo etiquette, and the fantastic mess that was the Fyre Festival.

Stephen Colbert probably isn't going to get fired for that thing he said about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, so apologies to all the #FireColbert tweeters out there. He also took time last night to take some swings at Trump's opponent, Hillary Clinton, who gave an interview where she suggested that had the election been held on October 28, rather than November 8, she would have been elected. Which is, uh, maybe true? But still, probably not something you should say out loud.

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