Attention 'Friday the 13th' fans! Jason is back...and underwater. The iconic horror movie character has his own statue chained to the bottom of a Minnesota lake. Sound familiar?

SPOILER ALERT! At the end of 'Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives,' Tommy Jarvis chains Jason to the bottom of Crystal Lake with the hopes of killing the villain. An artist by the name of Curtis Lahr placed a statue of Jason at the bottom of a lake in Crosby, MN.

The lake is a popular diving spot in Minnesota and if you're looking to make the five and half hour drive from Bismarck to Crosby to see the Jason statue that's gone viral, the statue can be viewed at a depth of about 120 feet. The statue is life-sized and comes complete with the Jason accessories, the hockey mask and machete.

The statue was placed at the bottom of the lake by Lahr in 2013 and recent videos show that it's even creepier now with all the wear and tear over the past years, not to mention plenty of algae. You can view videos of the statue below. The bottom video shows how creepy the statue is looking recently.


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