As Justin Bieber's legal issues continue to mount, it was only a matter of time before his father Jeremy, 39, was targeted as a bad influence on the singer. A former friend has revealed an unsavory side of Papa Bear Bieber in a juicy interview.

Photos from a Victoria Day party in his native Canada showed some boozy party antics, such as Mr. Bieber wearing a grass skirt and throwing a dog into a pool.

Jeremy's ex-friend Cory Bernier revealed that Justin and Jeremy are concerned about their privacy, which is why pics of their bashes rarely leak -- until now. They often confiscate the phones of guests to maintain comfortable levels of security.

Bieber and Bernier were BFFs for nearly three decades, but recently ended their friendship. This interview shouldn't do anything to patch up their fractured friendship. In fact, based on the reveals, it might further the rift.

"‘I loved Jeremy like a brother for years," Berier told The Daily Mail. "In a funny way I still love him, but I just can’t be around him anymore. He used me throughout our entire friendship. If I wasn’t doing something for him, then I didn’t matter to him. That’s what he’s like with everyone. It’s all about what you can do for Jeremy, that’s his only concern."

Bernier has known The Biebs his entire life and is "worried that Jeremy is using him. He is an incredibly manipulative and persuasive guy, he is very good at getting people to do what he wants."

Bernier claims that The Biebs foots his dad's bills. He used to give him $10,000 a month, which Bernier now believes has been increased to $50,000. He couldn't confirm it, but that's his thought.

The elder Bieber has always been a "party animal, that’s just his thing. But before Justin hit the big time he couldn’t afford to live that kind of lifestyle. Now he’s living the dream at his son’s expense," according to his former friend, who also pointed out that The Biebs is always with his dad when he gets in trouble. He also claimed Jeremy's arrogant streak is out of control.

It's also been rumored that Bieber split with Erin Wagner, the mother of his other children, Jaxon and Jazmyn.

Remember, this is just one side of the story. The Biebs has been vocal about his love for his dad.