Jessica Simpson is a busy woman, being an entrepreneur, fiancee and mother of two young toddlers. But she doesn't forget to take time out of her day to hang out with her girlfriends and get a little risque.

The Weight Watchers spokeswoman, designer, actress and singer shared a racy pic on Instagram with two girlfriends as they all go in for a kiss. Notice, none of the ladies actually touch lips or tongues in the pic. Only one of them has her tongue out, Miley Cyrus-style. So this threesome is all very innocent, technically.

But it's also incredibly steamy and suggestive, of course.

Simpson captioned the image: "Girls night out...with our guys watching..@odetteannable @stephenieleighpearson ;) yummy."

Okay, so with that qualification on Simpson's part, none of their dudes, especially Simpson's baby daddy Eric Johnson, have anything to worry about.

Girls will be girls.

See the sexy, girls-pretending-to-kiss-girls photo below. You know, if J. Simps attends a Bangerz Tour date, she might end out getting mouthy with Miley.