How many job opportunities per person are available in North Dakota?

According to a survey by Lensa, North Dakota comes in at number three on the list of "most job opportunities per person," behind Vermont and Iowa. The survey found that there are approximately 26,542 jobs available per 100,000 people.

If there are tens of thousands of jobs available, why aren't more people working?

Of course, we do not need a survey to tell us that there are a ton of jobs available. You can drive pretty much anywhere in Bismarck-Mandan and find many "now hiring" signs. Especially at customer services businesses - that is also noted in the survey. If there are so many jobs available and all these North Dakotans that need jobs, why are there so many places that still need workers?

There has been a shift in how people look at jobs and careers.

According to The Washington Post, there has been a shift in how people look at jobs and careers. Some people are reportedly retiring early, looking to change careers, wanting to spend more time with family, wanting more flexibility and their jobs, and more. So, it seems as if potential employees are really holding the power when it comes to the job market.

I have a lot of respect for people who can actually find themselves out of a job this time to pursue the lives they want. Far too long did we live in an America where employees have been treated as disposable, not offered fair wages, and worked to the bone. I hope that potential employees keep pushing back until they are actually paid that living wage with flexibility and benefits.

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