In mid-November, Minnesota's governor made the executive decision to temporarily shutdown bars and restaurants. As a result of the forced closures, business owners and their employees have majorly suffered financially. In an effort to keep their livelihoods, some business owners reopened during the shutdown - and Minnesota's
The owner of Joe's Diner in East Grand Forks, Minnesota is fed up with his state's government. In a Facebook post, Joseph Bushaw, called out the Minnesota government for being on a  "power trip and ruining people's lives." He is now on the hunt for a new home on the North Dakota side of the Red River.
Joseph Bushaw wrote that, this week, Joe's Diner received 60-day license suspension for the week the restaurant opened in December 2020. This is after the cease and desist order was given to him last month - FOUR DAYS AFTER THE BUSINESS CLOSED. Bushaw also notes that he has also been ordered to pay a $10,000 fine. Check out Bushaw's Facebook post for more information on the battle.
Bushaw is now over the restrictions and sanctions brought on by the Minnesota government, and he is looking to take up real estate in Grand Forks.
While I am sure North Dakota will welcome Joe's Diner with open arms, it is sad that small business owners and their employees are being treated like criminals. These Minnesota business owners reopened before the restrictions were up because they risk losing everything otherwise. What is a person supposed to do if the government is going to force closures, but offer no financial relief to those affected?

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