We've all seen it floating around Facebook... It's the latest thing that is generating buzz across the Social Media site. You see a friend post x # of random facts on the their page, you comment, then they give you a number and you have to post that many random facts about you.

Since not a lot of people around here know me, my coworkers tell me it would be a great idea to do one of these for all of you. The stations Digital Goddess had come down with the ruling that I shall have 7... so here's 7 random things about me.

1) I am right handed, like most of my family. But unlike most people who are dominate only on one side (including their legs), my left leg is the stronger of my legs. I can kick a soccer ball, and a football, about 20% further with my left leg than my right.

2) I spent most of my childhood on fishing boats. While other children would eat hamburgers and hot dogs day in/day out, our family would eat salmon and shrimp and cod that we would catch on the commercial boat. It was a special occasion in our house for us to have hamburgers instead of salt water seafood.

3) In High School and College, I spent my time as a video editor thinking that I wanted to edit movies and music videos as a career. It was my freshman year in College that my professor told me I had a gift for audio editing/production, and I then took to Radio.

4) I am OBSESSED with anything Aaron Sorkin has written. I've seen all his movies and watched every episode of a TV show he's ever done.

5) I am a Microsoft Fanboy. I own every Xbox (my Xbox One is on order), have 2 Windows Phones, a Surface, and even have a couple old PDA's running Windows Mobile somewhere.

6) I HATE to watch movies in a movie theater. I just can never get comfortable. I'm also a talker during a movie, but I don't like to disturb other people... so it's just easier for me to wait and watch a movie once it's hit Blu-Ray

7) I've only ever been excited to meet one celebrity in my life. Most of them are just another of the many people I've had the pleasure of meeting in my many years in Radio. I do enjoy bringing listeners to meet their favorite artists. The joy that I've been able to bring to their lives makes me happy.

Ok... Now it's your turn! I give you all the number 6. What's 6 random things I can learn about you?