Meet Amber, our oldest daughter (she's really my step-daughter, but I've raised her since she was 7, so I leave out the step part). The very first Christmas we were together, Amber ran around all day with a bow off one of her presents all day. She's done it every year I've known her, and from what my wife tells me, she's always done it.

Elijah was 1 in this photo. It was the first Christmas that sissy could run around and play with him and all his toys. After they each opened their first gifts, she took the bows off the paper and placed them on their heads. Just after taking this picture, my wife attempted to take the bow off Elijah's head, only to be met with a slap from Elijah. Apparently if sissy has a bow on his head, he wants one on his.

Last year was the first year that Amber spent her Christmas away from us at her father's house. Christmas Morning, Elijah asked where sissy was. After telling him she was spending Christmas with her dad, he took a bow off of one of her presents and placed it on his head.

I should probably go and make sure that we have bow's for the presents this year.