I first met my wife while we worked for a local retailer in Seattle in the summer of 2005. I can't say it was love at first sight... but I was hoping it was. We went on our first date on November 1st, and have spent very few days apart since.

We decided to spend Thanksgiving with our respective families, but decided it would be alright to spend Christmas with each other doing what the other person did. That meant meeting the in-laws for the first time.

Eager to impress, I made sure to get my clothes pressed properly, and had a gift on hand for her parents, as well as the hostess of the family gathering. I didn't want to make a  bad first impression. I was expecting her family to be much like she was, soft spoken and tame. What I found out is that she is almost the COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF HER FAMILY.

I was welcomed with open arms, and was being asked a million questions from every one of her aunts, so much so I forgot who was asking which question and would constantly address my answer to the wrong aunt. One of her uncle's came to my rescue, and pulled me out to where the guys were hanging out watching sports.

Once I finally got settled around all these new people, I started to loosen up. I cracked a few jokes, made a few self-deprecating remarks, and started to feel as if I was being accepted.

As we were walking out the door, on our way out to my fathers house for dinner, my wife's aunt asked her "Is he coming to the next birthday party?"

"I sure hope so!"

It was then I knew this was a long term relationship. It was a bit longer before I decided to marry her, but I knew that we would be together for a long time.
Joey Dee's Christmas Memories #9: Christmas Socks