One of North Dakota's biggest celebrities, actor Josh Duhamel, tweeted a pondering thought, wondering why he left the state with the best quality of life.

Minot native Josh Duhamel loves showing his North Dakota roots and he did just that with one simple tweet on Tuesday (March 6th).

Duhamel has been known for giving North Dakota shoutouts in the past and was able to turn his tweet into a humble brag about his home state.

As we've reported previously, North Dakota has been ranked as 2018's top state for 'quality of life.' But what if you actually did move North Dakota to California? You would be moving from the state with the best quality of life to the state with the absolute worst.

Some may not realize it, but we really do have a pretty amazing social environment around us that accounts for much of that 'quality of life' statistic. It's a big part of what 'North Dakota Nice' is all about. Josh Duhamel certainly knows all about it.

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