Nothing, not even Coachella, is safe from Justin Bieber. The singer headed to the Cali desert this weekend to cameo during his friend Chance the Rapper's set.

The Biebs joined Chance the Rapper for their song 'Confident' from The Biebs' 'Journals' album, which dropped late last year.

You can watch the fan-filmed footage posted above and thank the web and iPhone gods for making camera standard in phones.

There are several eff bombs dropped by Chance during the nearly-three-minute performance and the audio quality is not the best. There is some distance between the camera and stage, but still, you get the gist of what it was like to experience and witness Justin Bieber at Coachella.

It was a cred moment for the singer, for sure. While the Coachella crowd may not be his target demo, it was smart for him to make an appearance, since he might have made a few converts and expanded his audience outside of the requisite teenage girls. Biebs x Coachella is so uncool that it becomes cool.

The Biebs was dressed properly for the desert weather, with his white bucket hat, black shades and his bandanas on his neck and wrist. Let's hope he hydrated and loaded up on the sunblock, too!

Biebs and Chance doing their thang.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

This is what it's like to see Justin Bieber at Coachella!

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Another candid of Justin Bieber x Coachella.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images