Justin Bieber has apologized profusely for kicking a flag that someone threw onto the stage while he was performing in Argentina.

Clearly not realizing what it was, the teen kicked it and proceeded to use it like a mop, pretending that his microphone stand was the handle. This action infuriated Argentinians, who voiced their rage online to the point where the controversy ended up on The Biebs' radar.

Biebs proceded to set the record straight in a series of tweets -- eight to be exact. He thought it was a shirt and it may not even be a flag, as people think. He also explained how he is constantly pelted with stuff -- like bras and probably panties -- and that stuff has to be removed from the stage for safety reasons.

Even so, the bottom line is that he would never, ever disrespect the country or his fans. His response is certainly sincere.

Below are his apology tweets, clearing up the situation. Let's hope that people let it go.

His final tweet was a message of love to Beliebers globally.

The Biebs' sojourn to South America has been fraught with drama and headaches, from hookers to having his privacy invaded.