Chantel Jeffries, who was hanging out with Justin Bieber at the time of his arrest in Miami for alleged DUI and drag racing, has finally spoken out about what she calls "misconceptions" pertaining to her herself and to the singer, and about their "relationship."

Jeffries, a model and rumored Bieber gal pal, spoke to E! for the first time since The Biebs was cuffed and accused of behaving badly on Jan. 23. She was reportedly behind the wheel of the rented Lamborghini that was a part of the evening's action at one point, according to Khalil Sharieff, the friend who was arrested with the singer and also accused of driving super fast as a drag racer.

The lovely lady dismissed the notion that The Biebs is a rampant drug addict or that he is out of control, calling those media reports "misconceptions." She said "no" when asked if she saw him take drugs. And she giggled, a lot, saying she didn't understand what they meant when they asked her if The Biebs has lost himself. She also said that it's not true that all the people around him don't know how to say no.

Jeffries also said, "I didn't date Justin," and that she prefers to hang out with her cat.

Jeffrieds was also asked if they've ever kissed or slept in the same bed, to which she diplomatically replied, "We're friends. Do you kiss your friends? Do you sleep in the same bed as your friends?"

Hmmm, so Jeffries isn't kissing and telling. But that was certainly a vague and tricky way to answer a direct question. And a lot of people kiss their friends. Just ask Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.

Jeffries was also questioned about her arrest record, including the report that she has been arrested more than once. She said, "I never went to jail. I was never convicted of any crimes. Those are false."

We gotta say – it sounds like someone was media trained before this chat.

Jeffries was asked another difficult question – is she a hanger-on who is latching onto JB so she can get famous or make cash off the association? She got seriously clever, saying she is a "goal digger" as opposed to a "gold digger."

"Guess what? I have my own goals and I focus on those," she said.

And in other Biebs news, one of the members of his goon squad had a run in with the law yesterday (Feb. 25). While the singer rented out an amusement park/arcade in Atlanta, a paparazzo showed up and tried to take photos of him. A bodyguard had a scrum with a snapper, taking his camera and giving it to a driver, who bolted. The camera was located by cops in an Escalade parked at the teen's temporary Hotlanta home. The guard and driver were arrested for felony theft, according to CNN. Biebs was not involved.

For his part, he has tweeted his disgust with the media coverage of his life and times, saying music is his focus.