An overzealous Justin Bieber fan made his way on to the stage and had an encounter with the singer at Biebs' May 5 Dubai gig.

The fan breached security, got on the stage and managed to make contact with The Biebs, grabbing him. The teen's security deal quickly responded, swarming the attacker, described as a young male in jeans and a tee, according The National, an English-speaking publication Dubai (via Hollywood Life).

The fan tried to avoid security, knocking over a grand piano that was situated on the stage in the process. Biebs' team was able to get a hold of and apprehend the fan and a crisis was averted. Even so, it was still a headache for the bodyguards and bouncers, no doubt.

The Biebs didn't miss a (beauty and a) beat. He kept singing as though nothing had interrupted him. It's probably a more-than-common for him to be swarmed by fans hyperfocused on having a "moment" with him. But it's likely still scary for him to be confronted by fans who make the way to the stage, when things are fast-moving and chaotic.

You can check out the fan-filmed footage of the hairy situation below. You can see the production hands quickly springing to action to return the piano to its upright position.

While we'd hardly call it "an attack," it was a dicey situation, yet one that barely blew up his spot or broke up the flow of the show.

Watch Footage From Justin Bieber Dubai Show