To promote his upcoming shows in Asia, Justin Bieber did a three-minute, rapid fire interview where he answered a variety of questions about topics anyone 16 and under is dying to know, such as what his fave animal is or his best road trip memory.

Da Biebs is still sporting that awful 'stache. Sorry, we love him, but the 'stache has G2G -- got 2 go!

What did we learn?

His favorite sport to play? It involves pucks.

His favorite sport to watch? Hoops factor in.

New favorite color? Gold, but he still lurves purple.

His face animal is Toots, his cat. "She is not any cat. She's Toots and she's the best cat in the world," he says.

He muses over the origins of spaghetti, his love of Eric Clapton and Elton John and more.

He loves Xmas not because of presents, though. Find out why.

Six is his favorite number, and the reason revolves around his BFF Ryan Butler. Watch and learn. We're not going to do all the work for you.

He and his mom and dad -- Pattie and Jeremy -- drove across Canada in a Pontiac Grand Am, and that was his fave road trip memory.