Justin Bieber's 'Nothing Like Us,' the bonus track from his 'Believe Acoustic' album, has leaked. Grab a tissue, Beliebers, since it's a tearjerker that will pull at the strings of your heart. It's a painful, aching, mature and emotional track -- but rather than being driven by an acoustic guitar, there's a delicate, lilting piano melody that the song is erected upon.

It's one of the most beautiful and tender Bieber songs we've ever heard. It's certainly a far cry from the teen pop that he built his career on. There's a million lifetimes of heartbreak in this track.

Given the heavy, relationship-based lyrical content, we are left wondering if maybe, just maybe, The Biebs penned this song about his failed romance with Selena Gomez, since he wonders "Why would you push me away?" and muses that no one can ever replace her since there is no one he can relate to. It's agonizingly and painfully beautiful. If this doesn't melt the ice of Sel's heart, if she's listening and if it's truly about her, then nothing else will. But in our opinion, there is no way this song is about anything or anyone but her.

It's such a sad song, and when he sings, "I guess it wasn't meant to be," we want to grab a box of tissues and bury our faces in a pint of Ben & Jerry's while we mourn their relationship.

'Nothing Like Us' is grown up Biebs, dealing with emotions and heartache just like the rest of us, delivered in a soft, subdued vocal. There's no bravado here. Just raw-nerve emotion and his cards laying face up on the table.

Your move, Sel!

'Believe Acoustic' is out on Jan. 29.