Justin Bieber sat down with Oprah Winfrey over a plate of french fries (she had salad) at the Ralph Lauren restaurant in Chicago for an 'Oprah's Next Chapter' chat. Of course, Beliebers congregated outside. But even during the hour-long chat, there were no big reveals. We didn't learn anything about the Biebs that we didn't already know. We just got a little more detail about previously revealed facts.

Opes traversed familiar terrain -- how he manages to navigate life as a teen heartthrob, his hair and more. She jokingly asked if there was a committee meeting when he decided to get rid of the swoop bangs, since they were such a definitive part of his image when he arrived on the scene. Nah, there was no voting in the Bieber board room. He was glad to make the change after he saw it being copied so much.

The Selena Gomez subject came up, like the death threats she got from his fans. "At the end of the day, I have to be happy. I can't be single my whole life," he said about negative Belieber reactions to his relationship with Sel. "The fans know that. They are upset since it's not them. I'm just one person." He joked that if he could date them all, he would.

So why did he get together with Gomez? Why was (or is) she the lucky one? "She is one of the most genuine people and has a good heart, and I can talk to her about anything," he said. He admitted that the most romantic thing he ever did for her was the Staples Center 'Titanic' viewing, where he rented the venue out for just the two of them.

There was no mention of their recent "split." At all.

Other key talking points?

Social media as his conduit to fame and fans: It's a direct connection with Beliebers, but 24-hour availability does have a downside. "They know that there are millions of them, so I can't respond to everyone, but I try to as many as I can," he said.

Loneliness and depression: "I'm not super, duper depressed, but I get days where I am down and gloomy, just because I am human. You just have pain your heart because maybe you haven't dealt with it and it puts weight on you. You just have a bad day since you aren't dealing with what you are going through."

The haters: "When I was younger, my voice was high and I sounded like a girl" was his rationale and theory as to why he has attracted so many haters.

Why he won't be a "crack up": "Everyone is pulling me in 30 different directions. I have to remember to take time for myself and talk to people I love, so I am not keeping everything in my head and having 50,000 thoughts when I go to sleep."

Mom Pattie Mallette: Even though he loves her, she is still a mom who gets on his case from time to time. He hopes the serious revelations in her new memoir will help people who have gone through the same thing.

Dad Jeremy Bieber: "We have a better relationship now than ever. He just got off tour and brought the 'littles' with him," which is a reference to his baby brother and sister. Some teachers at their school tried to get them to get their big bro's autograph, too! Wow. "They are such good parents," he said about Pattie and Jeremy.

Mariah Yeater: Even though this story was born last November and was dead by January, it's still a topic of conversation. It was briefly touched upon.

Childhood: He doesn't feel robbed of his youth, since was able to enjoy "regular life" until the age of 12. He may have missed prom, but he was able to go to the American Music Awards. It was a worthwhile tradeoff.

Favorite CDs: 'Boyz II Men's 'II' or 'Thriller.'

Favorite cereal: Frosted Mini Wheats or Crunch Berries.

Favorite TV Show: 'Smallville' or 'Friends.'

Celebrity Crush: Beyonce!

Favorite Place in the World: Japan. "I love the culture and the people, and I can walk around and not get noticed as much."

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