Black Friday Escapade

Lines, lines, and MORE lines! People were camped outside of stores last night with blankets, chairs, and warm beverages. Talk about dedication to shopping! My holiday crazy crew decided to check out why people had chosen Kmart to line up outside of. Trying to find a spot to park was very difficult. We ended up parking closer  to the McDonald's across the parking lot than the actual Kmart building. We then began our treturous trek to the doors of Kmart. The wind was cold on our faces and hands and whipped a light snow around our feet. We finally made it to the front door, though!

Once inside, the amount of people was enormous. Lines two miles long had already formed behind each of the open tills. We, however, were on a mission. We split up to buy some toys and gifts to a family in need. I was in charge of getting leggos. I bobbed and weaved my way through the oceans of people checking out the deals and cleaning the shelves of the products.

I reached the toy section and found it pretty much cleaned out. I'm guessing parents had been there already and picked out Christmas gifts. I found the perfect Batman leggo set to donate though.

Finding the people I came with was nearly impossible! I managed to find my holiday crazy crew and then the real fun began: standing in line. I'm pretty sure we stood in line for about an hour and a half, but we had lots of fun! We saw people we knew and also met some new people.  We also had some fun with the "impulse buys" they put next to the tills. One of our greatest finds was the double bell decoration. We decided it made a better hat than decoration. It also gave the people around us a laugh.We finally made it to the till. We had reached the light at the end of the tunnel!! We made our purchases, and left to begin the hike back to the vehicle.

Overall, it was worth it. The toys and gifts we bought were donated to a good cause.

So some things I learned on my Black Friday Escapade were:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes. Three inch wedges were NOT the best idea for standing in line for a long amount of time!
  2. Wear shoes with CLOSED TOES! Walking outside in snow and cold wind definitely calls for boots. I dropped the ball on that one for sure.
  3. Keep calm and play with the impulse buys! Waiting in line can be frustrating - especially if you're only making a small purchase. Having fun with the things around you can make the time go fast and keep your moods (and those around you!) in high spirits!

So, my question for you guys is.....Where are/did you go Black Friday shopping and how long did you stand in line? And - most importantly - what did you do to entertain yourself while in line?

Remember, if you're out shopping today - wear shopping friendly clothes and keep it fun!!


Kalyn (Still trying to get my blog set up!! Technology, I tell ya what....)