Justin Bieber cannot stay out of trouble! The singer was searched by security at the airport in San Juan Puerto Rico as he was getting ready to exit the country. He was in town for a gig.

But he wasn't searched because he was behaving badly or bein' all bratty. It was reportedly a routinely conducted search.

The authorities inspected the 'Hold Tight' singer's bags. They were looking for any sort of contraband that he might be, uh, smuggling. It was an inconvenience for the teen, since was delayed for an hour while his bags were searched. That's never, ever fun while traveling.

Sources told TMZ that it was described as a random search. However, it seems as though The Biebs was singled out due to the volume of luggage with which he was traveling.

Once the authorities were done sorting through his stuff – we hope that smelly underwear wasn't involved — he was allowed to leave the country…on a private jet, of course. That type of accommodation likely took the sting off having security mess with his junk.

No, not that junk, either!